About Us

avanti-hotelKenario has been designing websites for businesses and organizations since 1997, always using a unique and different artistic approach. This is why we stand behind all we create so our clients can relax and watch their dream site unfold.

The first step we take in any project is to talk with you about the content of your future site, and gather the necessary assets we need to get started. Together we will clearly outline the scope of the project, what we are going to do for you and what you will be bringing to the table. This step is important to understand how much work is involved since our fee is usually per project and in some cases hourly.

Our combined use of html, php, java script, css and WordPress, as well as custom designed graphics and easy navigation makes our web-site designs easy to view regardless of the type of computer, handheld device or connection. This exposes your site to the maximum number of people.

Our designs are well thought out, have a concept and are always unique and original. For those who want to maintain and update their own web site, we offer Self-Administrative Sites (through WordPress) allowing you to change and update your pictures and data at any time, giving you full control.

We also offer graphic design, product photography as well as portraits to give you just the image you are looking for.